Per Piece Program

Per Piece Program

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Thank you for your interest in our per piece program. We are currently seeking vendors that fit into the apothecary and metaphysical category.

We created this program to be low risk and affordable with plans to fit all vendor types. With this program you just drop off products to us or mail them in and then we merchandise it within our store. Since we do all the merchandising or placement of your products there is no need for the vendor to setup a space.

If you have specific tabletop displays you'd like us to use then please bring those with you. We try our best to keep all your items grouped together so it is easier for your customers to shop.

  • Low monthly rent in this program
  • No deposit
  • 3 month commitment and then month to month after
  • We take 15% commission from your sales, you get the rest

Maintain your piece count throughout the month. This means that if you are on the 50 pieces plan and you sell 10 pieces then you can restock 10 pieces to bring your count back to 50 pieces for the month.

Pieces mean the total number that is in your inventory, not each individual product. So for example: if you have 5 different scents of candles and 5 of each in inventory then that would be 25 pieces.

We handle the entire transaction for you so there is no need for the vendor to be here constantly. With this program you can even mail in your items for us to place in the store.

Once you select a plan and checkout through here with that plan then you will be sent the full agreement via email. The amount paid today will cover your first months rent. Once the agreement is signed then an online seller account will be created for you so you can start uploading your products to bring in or mail in.

Prices reflect your per month rent. You may downgrade or upgrade at the end of the month to become effective the following month. Since you are paying rent on the pieces, not on the space, the rate of rent per piece stays the same no matter when you decide to join our marketplace. Rent is applied every calendar month., not 30 days from when you sign up.

If you have further questions before checking out then please feel free to reach out to us at