Tigers Eye Complete Guide

Tiger's Eye is a beautiful stone with a marbled appearance that is named because of its cat eye-like appearance. Find out how you can benefit from using it.

It isn’t uncommon to be struck by the beauty of the Tiger's Eye stone. The intricate marble design and mesmerizing chatoyancy have pulled many to this stone, and it’s definitely one you’ll want to add to your collection. 

Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye is so named because of its deep, orange, red, and brown colors with delicate black “stripes” and its chatoyancy, which gives it a cat-eye-like quality. 

Physical Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye forms when one of two elements inside a Quartz stone overpowers the other—often Crocidolite, which is slowly replaced by a variety of Quartz, even as it retains the shape of the parallel fibers. This overpowering effect is also a reason why Tiger's Eye is given this name and one of the reasons this stone is so incredibly powerful by nature. It truly does look like the eye of a tiger. 

You’ll find a beautiful array of colors in Tiger's Eye stones. Patterns range from amber, red, orange, and brown color and usually have fine black lines delineating different color patterns. The stone has chatoyancy, which is the name given to the optical effect a stone has when light reflects off of it, similarly to the way light reflects in a cat’s eye. It is considered a similar stone to Hawk’s Eye Chrysoberyl. 

Most Tiger's Eye stones are cabochon-cut, which means they have been tumbled and polished, but not faceted. Tiger's Eye is an opaque stone and rarely found in rough form. It has a Mohs hardness of 7, making it extremely durable.

Origins of Tiger’s Eye

The first Tiger's Eye stones were discovered in South Africa by a German naturalist named Martin Lichtenstein. South Africa is still a source of this stone, although deposits have been located in Namibia, Western Australia, India, Brazil, Burma, and even parts of the United States and Canada. There is a mine in Blue Ridge, Georgia, that is known for Tiger's Eye stones. 

Metaphysical Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Just like the animal that is its namesake, the Tiger's Eye crystal possesses the metaphysical properties of strength, courage, ambition, and power.  Users of Tiger's Eye can harness deeper inner strength, a renewed sense of personal willpower and determination, increased self-confidence, and self-love. 

Tiger's Eye helps you harness the correct use of will and power, stimulates your integrity, and helps you make better, more focused decisions. You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of harmony, prosperity, and grace when you choose this stone. 

Tiger's Eye is also a great stone of protection, defending you against your own evil thoughts, outside negative energy, and evil spirits. Tiger's Eye helps keep you grounded when traversing the spiritual realm. 

Lastly, the Tiger's Eye is definitely a stone of luck and good fortune, and ancient cultures relied heavily on the stone’s ability to protect and bring victory in battle. 

Tiger’s Eye History of Use

From its first discovery along riverbanks in South Africa to battles in ancient Rome, Tiger's Eye has been a stone relied upon for power, confidence, bravery, and good fortune. Early Sri Lankans often carried a Tiger's Eye stone for protection, luck, and abundance. 

Roman soldiers faceted the Tiger's Eye stone into their breastplates before entering battle to encourage bravery and bring victory over their enemies. According to lore and legends, however, the ancient Egyptians fell hardest for the Tiger's Eye, becoming so enthralled with the stone that they ascribed it deity-like powers. 

For those living in ancient times, the Tiger's Eye stone was all-seeing and all-knowing, and the wearer of the Tiger’s Eye jewelry could harness those powers for use. 

Tiger’s Eye Meaning

The meaning of the Tiger's Eye stone is:

  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Passion. 

The user of this stone can channel the energy of the sun and set their spirit ablaze. It is a powerful stone that warms the soul, creates renewed confidence in oneself, and rapidly dispels negative energy. 

Simultaneously, the Tiger's Eye stone means protection from evil. The warmth of the stone radiates light and energy flow that repels darkness and casts away the negativity of others and even your own negative thoughts and feelings. 

Tiger's Eye also means luck and good fortune, and you’ll often see it sitting inside the doorways of businesses as it has long been regarded as a stone of financial stability and success. 

What Energy Does Tiger’s Eye Have?

Tiger's Eye is robust with grounding and protective energy. In the practice of Feng Shui, Tiger's Eye stones are often placed in doorways of the home and in rooms where decisions are made. Many parents place them in the bedrooms of their children to enhance self-confidence, bravery, and willpower. 

Tiger's Eye stimulates both the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras, two Chakras that are foundational in keeping you grounded and ensuring you stay on the right path. 

Tiger’s Eye and Your Chakras

Tiger's Eye works well to help balance both the Solar Plexus and the Root Chakras.

Tiger’s Eye and the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Tiger's Eye stone is ruled by the sun, and as such, it has a unique ability to channel solar energy. This works brilliantly when opening and balancing your solar plexus, which is also governed by the sun. 

The solar plexus controls our ego, personality, willpower, and self-confidence. Imbalance with the solar plexus can result in either:

  • Negative feelings toward self like low self-esteem, devaluation, lack of confidence, and inability to rely on one’s one determination and willpower.
  • Narcissistic feelings toward self like inflated ego, misuse of power, misuse of sexual power, and dominating personality. 

Tiger's Eye helps balance the solar plexus and keeps you grounded, ensuring you have a healthy relationship with yourself and properly channel energy without misusing it. 

The solar plexus also helps you properly use your willpower and encourages action. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut or unable to make a decision, your solar plexus is likely out of alignment. 

Tiger’s Eye and the Root Chakra

The Tiger's Eye stone also stimulates the Root Chakra, which is your grounding Chakra. The Root Chakra is important because it helps create foundational stability upon which your remaining Chakras rest. 

If your Root Chakra is misaligned, your other Chakras’ energies will wane. Tiger's Eye helps encourage grounding energy that helps keep you from feeling “in the clouds” or lost. 

Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Just here for the healing? We understand. Tiger's Eye is a powerful healing stone and many people rely on it for keeping them grounded, confident, and motivated, as well as keeping their emotions balanced. 

Physical Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Because the Tiger's Eye stone stimulates both the Solar Plexus and the Root Chakra, it’s naturally beneficial at helping correct physical ailments you experience when those two Chakras are out of alignment.

Unbalanced Solar Plexus Issues

Issues with the solar plexus can include heartburn, digestive issues, anxiety, and even glucose intolerance can all be attributed to a solar plexus that is blocked or unbalanced. 

Unbalanced Root Chakra

Having a Root Chakra that is unbalanced or blocked can cause extreme lower digestive tract issues, bladder elimination problems, lower limb pain, and problems with the feet and ankles. You may also experience low back pain. 

Tiger's Eye helps balance and open the Solar Plexus and Root Chakra, thus eliminating the physical issues you experience when they are unbalanced or blocked. 

Tiger's Eye is also known for its ability to support the endocrine system and encourage better circulation. Because it harnesses the energy of the sun, it’s often used to increase energy and renew vitality. If you struggle with a lack of motivation, wearing Tiger's Eye can help. 

Tiger's Eye also increases stamina, helps you drive deeper, and can even enhance sexual arousal and desire. It’s a popular stone worn by athletes to support a constant flow of energy. 

Emotional and Mental Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

When you are feeling less confident than you’d like, Tiger's Eye can help. Its direct, powerful warmth helps stimulate self-confidence and self-love, and can support you if you find you have low self-esteem. Wearing Tiger's Eye can instantly bolster your confidence and help you feel more aligned with your own ability to make the right decisions with discernment. 

Tiger's Eye is a very handy stone when you feel indecisive. Simply having Tiger's Eye near you can help bring about a higher level of mental clarity and give you vision to see decisions in a black and white framework.

Struggling with seasonal depression? You’ve got to add Tiger's Eye to your collection. The Tiger's Eye stone pulls in the sun’s solar energy, creating spaces that are warm and inviting even in the dead of winter. 

Lastly, Tiger's Eye is highly beneficial as an aid for willpower. If you find yourself struggling with a lack of willpower in any area of your life, Tiger's Eye can give you the strength you need to remain strong and hold fast when you need to most. It will also make you aware of both your own needs and the needs of others. 

Spiritual Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Because Tiger's Eye is a grounding stone, it’s perfect as an addition to your meditations and spiritual ceremonies. If you’ve been struggling to find focus when you meditate, Tiger's Eye can help bring your mind back to earth and stay grounded, centered, and focused. 

The protective benefits of Tiger's Eye are also available to you on your spiritual journey. Tiger's Eye not only enhances your own psychic abilities, but it can also protect you during psychic sessions, scrying, or attempting to reach your spiritual guides. 

Uses of Tiger’s Eye

You can use Tiger's Eye in your mediations and ceremonies and as an accompanying stone. Tiger's Eye has a warm, strong energy that channels light and dispels darkness. It’s best used by those who need confidence, grounding vibrations, and power to make decisions. 

Keeping Tiger's Eye at your desk can help you stay focused on your work and can create a space of light and confidence in your workplace. In the home, Tiger's Eye creates warmth, love, and safety. 

Wearing Tiger's Eye as a pendant or amulet can help increase your daily confidence levels and enhance your passion for life. If you find you struggle with intimacy or confidence with your sexual prowess, Tiger's Eye can give you the lift you need to help you enjoy your escapades and feel comfortable and confident. You can use it alongside other stones like Amethyst and Red Jasper. 

Cleansing Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye is a durable stone that can tolerate virtually any method of cleansing you choose. Water is always a great option for cleansing your stones, and Tiger's Eye tolerates both tap water and salt water very well, provided it has been properly polished. That said, if you have a tiger’s eye bracelet or necklace, you should check on whether the material surrounding the stone is also water-safe. 

If your Tiger's Eye stone is in the rough, you’ll want to use sound cleansing or Quartz cleansing.  

Water Cleansing

To cleanse your Tiger's Eye stone with water, simply allow a jet of water to flow over your stone while holding a cleansing intention in your mind. 

Allow your stone to air dry or pat it dry with a microfiber towel. 

Sound Cleansing

Sound cleansing is an efficient way of cleansing your Tiger's Eye stones if you have multiple or would like to cleanse other stones along with it. Align your stones together and, using a sound tool, allow the sound waves to wash over your stones while you recite a cleansing intention over them. 

Quartz Cleansing

Quartz is a cleansing stone, and it has the power to cleanse other stones and absorb their energy. To cleanse with Quartz, align your Quartz crystals around your Tiger's Eye and allow them to absorb the energy of Tiger's Eye overnight. Don’t forget to cleanse your Quartz crystals after you’ve used them to cleanse other stones!

The Eye of the Tiger

When you need added confidence and a little extra motivation, Tiger's Eye stone is your go-to. In addition to keeping your energy focused and your confidence high, Tiger's Eye offers a level of grounding security that keeps you feeling safe and protected in all circumstances. 

Tiger's Eye is also a talisman of good luck and fortune, and wearers can experience higher levels of financial success when wearing it.