Requesting Tags

After uploading your products into ricochet then you are ready to request barcode price tags to be printed or you can print them at home if you have a dymo or zebra printer. You can also print at home from other devices by simply using the SKU number provided to you after you save your product in ricochet. 

When sending your tag request please but your company name as the subject. Please specify if you’d like your tags to be mailed or for pickup. Email format should be as follows:

“May I please request tags be printed for [insert company name]. I would like them mailed to me please at the address on my account.

Print on 1x1.5 tags

candle 8oz x10

candy x5”

The product name must match what you put into your ricochet inventory exactly or else it won’t be printed since we won’t know which product you are referring to.

Tag sizes available 1x1.5 or Jewelry. Jewelry tags will not have a product name displayed so you will have to cross check the barcode number with your inventory.

Tags may be picked up from the location on Tuesday and Thursday weekly. Requests sent in after 1pm the day before will not be ready for pick up until the next pick up date. This means if you submit a tag request at 1:30pm on Monday then your tags will be available for pick up on Thursday, for example. 

You can request to have your tags mailed to you within 24 hours for $1 mailing fee which is about the cost of a postage stamp. This amount will be deducted from your ricochet account. 

Please note that tags are not printed at the location and staff won’t be able to print them for you on the spot. If any tags are wrong or missing or you forgot to request some then you will need to submit a new request.

Email tag requests to